Our Trails

The Montour Trail

Located on mile marker 27, our shop is only steps away from the nation’s longest suburban rail-trail – The Montour Trail!  With a main line that leads from Coraopolis to Clairton, the Montour Trail boasts a total of 63 miles and counting.  Branch trails include Bethel Park, Westland, and Pittsburgh Airport extensions.  The Montour Trail even leads to the Great Allegheny Passage and connects with the Panhandle Trail and South Park Connector Trail.

Users can walk, jog, bike, hike, and much more on the crushed limestone and paved path surfaces.  Port-a-johns and bathrooms are available for use seasonally in a majority of sections, but there are a few maintained year round.  Our large parking lot houses two of these year-round chemical toilets, as well as benches and shaded sitting areas.  There is a plethora of other bench and seating sites along the trail, as well as picnic pavilions and numerous hidden gems.

Plan Your Trip!

Our neck of the trail includes Cecil Park, the National Tunnel, Hendersonville Park, Greer Tunnel, and the Arrowhead Trail portion.  Cecil Park is located near mile 22.5, a 4.5 mile distance from our location.  Featuring a creek, park, picnic pavilions, baseball fields, tennis and basketball courts, bathrooms, parking lots, and a paved path around the perimeter, Cecil Park is the perfect destination for your family’s ride on the Montour Trail.  From our location, this ride could take 20 minutes to an hour, depending on experience level.

On the way to Cecil Park, one will cross many bridges, but the true highlight is the National Tunnel (Mi 25).  Known as the longest tunnel on the trail, the National Tunnel is paved inside with lights to guide you through.  This must-see is exactly 2 miles away from our shop!  The tunnel is accessible year round, so make sure to visit it through every season to discover its awe.

Just over a quarter mile from our shop is Hendersonville Park.  This park is much smaller than Cecil Park but is still a great option for families to stop at during their ride or walk.  The area hosts a baseball field, play park, pavilion, benches, port-a-johns, and a parking lot.  Between our trail entrance and Hendersonville park, a wonderful garden is maintained by trail volunteers.  Be sure to check out the garden full of seasonal surprises the next time you head past Hendersonville Park!

Greer Tunnel (Mi 28.5) is another fascinating destination on the trail that we are only 1.5 miles away from!  Not only is the small tunnel a great feature, but the bridge leading up to it offers one of the best scenic views around.  From observation nooks on the bridge, one can witness the beauty of Valleybrook Golf Course, as well as Chartiers Creek down below.  If you’re looking for an amazing view, the direction of Greer Tunnel is the way to go!

And finally, 4.5 miles down the path from our shop, the paved section of the Montour Trail, coined “The Arrowhead Trail,” begins.  The Arrowhead Trail stays paved into a portion of the Bethel Park branch.  This paved region of the trail offers beautiful sightseeing views and passes through McMurray toward Peterswood Park.  Peterwsood Park (Mi 22.9) is accessible from the Montour Trail roughly 6 miles away from The Tandem Connection.  Overall, this section of the trail tends to be one of the most populated and also welcomes inline skaters for use.

Source: The Montour Trail Website and Pamphlet

The Panhandle Trail

The Panhandle Trail is another great trail option in the Southwestern PA area!  Starting at Walker’s Mill in Collier Township, the crushed limestone section of the trail runs through McDonald, where it becomes a paved path.  The paved path extends all the way to the West Virginia border.  Finally, a crushed gravel portion leads to the end of the trail in Weirton, WV.

Linking to the Panhandle Trail is possible from The Tandem Connection through Mile 17.5 of the Montour Trail.  Just after crossing the McDonald Trestle, the Montour/Panhandle Connector is available through a path off the main line of the Montour Trail.

If you are looking for a bit of a longer trail ride, try the route from our bike shop to the Panhandle Trail and back!

Construction Update:  Due to construction of the Southern Beltway, some areas of the Montour and Panhandle Trails are prone to rockier conditions and rougher terrain.  The Montour/Panhandle Connector is one of these areas.  Please be cautious in these sections.