Repairs and Tune-Ups

Is your bike in need of some TLC or a major overhaul?

At the Tandem Connection, we will take care of your repair needs and get you back on your wheels in no time!

Looking to get your bike prepared for the upcoming season?  We offer different levels of tune-ups to accommodate any care your bike may need.  Our most basic offer, the Gear 1 Tune-Up, typically covers the majority of bikes needing a look-over.  However, if your bike needs some extra attention, a Gear 2 or 3 Tune-Up may be necessary.  Please consult our mechanic if you have any questions about your bike’s needs.

TUNE-UP/OVERHAUL PRICES (parts not included):

Gear 1…$69.00

Gear 2…$129.00

Gear 3…$199.00


Kids Bike…$29.00 to 49.00

If your bike has more specific needs like brake repairs or gear adjustments, we also have you covered!  From the simplest tasks to more involved jobs, our mechanics will make sure your bike receives top-notch treatment!

LABOR RATES (prices may be subject to change, parts not included):

Tire and Tube Repairs…$10.00 to $40.00

  • Flat tire repair – $23.99 + tax (includes standard tube and labor)

Brake Repairs…$12.00 to $45.00

Installations…$5.00 to $15.00

Replacements…$7.00 to $35.00

Wheel Changeovers…$20.00 to $35.00

Overhaul Bearings…$25.00 to $40.00

Bike Build…$75 to $150.00